Author: Stefan Barjaktarevic

Charges pressed against Greek Orthodox Church of Canada

The Greek Community of Toronto, a non-profit organisation, representing 150.000 Orthodox Christians, press charges against the Greek Orthodox metropolitan of Toronto. The reason for the charges are misappropriation of funds, verbal and physical abuse by priests, as well as the installation of a priest who is charged with sexual assault offenses. read more

Church construction at Ground Zero has stopped

The construction company Skanska USA Building, Inc. stopped their involvement in the construction of the new Orthodox Church near the World Trade Center Memorial, Deezen reports. Reason for the halt are absent payments. After almost 3 years of construction work, a letter of Skanska has been released last week, informing its subcontractors of the contract termination, due to absent payment. Skanska regrets the current situation and colaborates with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America to create alternatives and financing plans. read more


Clear Answers for Ethical Problems?

You flee a burning building and find a scared child. In the same room, there is a container labeled „1000 viable embryos“. You can save only one. Which one do you pick? This question is asked by journalist and author Patrick S. Tomlinson. He wants to demonstrate that the death of an embryo is not „infanticide“, as pro-life activists like to point out. Is this fair criticism? read more